JCB Beaver Powerpack

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The JCB Beaver Pack has a robust cast steel construction giving it strength, whilst still enabling it to be moved about with ease


The beavers are renowned for power, productivity and of course the versatility that they offer, but most importantly it is the compactness and portability of these packs which allows them to be transported and stored with ease. With a range of different accessories it can also be used for various jobs. It is highly reliable and has a long service life due to only having 2 moving parts and constant lubrication.

Product Features

  • Sealed hydraulic system minimising noise levels
  • Vibro Damped handles, giving the lowest vibration levels of any equivalent breaker
  • Power on demand system, meaning off load engine speed is at idle
  • Variable flow control lever for controlling the tool speed
  • Lift up handle means portability is second to none

Additional information

Weight 66 kg


  • Engine; Honda GX240
  • Fuel; Petrol
  • Power; 6/8kw
  • Hydraulic flow; 20 lpm
  • Max Pressure; 138bar
  • Weight; 66kg
  • Max reach along the ground 1127mm
  • Max vertical wall digging depth 1659mm
  • Max digging depth; 2357mm


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