Acrotherm EC55 51kw Diesel Space Heater

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Acrotherm EC55 51kw diesel space heater is easily manoeuvrable due to being on wheels so ideal for many variety of work from heating warehouses up to being used to heat marquees up, along with ducting.


This indirect space heater is the perfect choice for heating a marquee up to 700 cubic meters in size and a warehouse or garage up to 1600 cubic meters in size.

Built with economical heat and efficiency in mind, the EC55 is a hard-wearing space heater capable of heating large areas. The EC55 is built with a tough hydrocarbon resistant polythene fuel tank and features a stainless steel combustion chamber. The unit has an automatic oil burner, a Danfoss pump and added safety features such as an electronic flame control, a safety thermostat and an electronic control panel.

Ideal for use in warehouses, horticulture and floriculture, livestock rearing and the building sector. For use in closed environments the installation of a small flue connected to the outside ensures that fumes are removed.

Product Features

  • Clean, immediate and economical heat for all uses
  • Heat exchanger with flue union to expel fumes
  • Thermal efficiency of 89%
  • Easily portable: light and compact and come with a handle, trolley and wheels
  • Simple to use control panel
  • Practical fuel filler
  • Fuel consumption 4.64 litre per hour
  • Airflow 1,150 cubic meters per hour
  • 74 d(B)A rating
  • Maximum ducting length 7.6 meters
  • Ducting diameter: 356mm (2 x 300mm off 2-way splitter)
  • Typical heated area: 710 cubic meters
  • Automatic built-in oil burner
  • 2m power cord with plug
  • Automatic post ventilation unit
  • Electronic flame control
  • Bayonet-type fuel tank cap
  • Robust hydrocarbon resistant polythere fuel tank
  • Fuel tank drain plug
  • Electronic control panel
  • Electronic flame control device
  • Safety thermostat
  • Thermostatically controlled

Additional information

Dimensions 1430 × 540 × 940 mm


  • Height: 940mm
  • Width: 540mm
  • Depth: 1430mm
  • Weight: 81kg
  • Heating capacity: 51kw/174000btu/hr
  • Airflow: 2500m3/hr
  • Fuel consumption; 4.6litres/hr
  • Tank capacity; 65 litres
  • Thermal efficiency; 89.5%


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