Crary bearcat 71020 Shredder/Chipper

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The Crary Bearcat 71020 is a lightweight towable shredder/chipper with a powerful 20hp engine ideal for domestic or industrial use


Crary Bearcat 71020 shredder/chipper is a fast towable machine with a maximum chipping diameter of 5” which the kohler 20hp engines powers the 4 blades making the shredding/chipping an easy process. The top hopper is for shredding small foliage material such as leaves, grass, plants, vines and assorted garden debris. Sticks should be limited to 1 ½ inches in diameter and no longer than 24 inches in length to avoid excess whipping and wrapping. The shredder can also be used to process other materials such as newspapers, aluminium cans and milk cartos etc.. The side chute is for chipping up larger branches of up to 5 inches in diameter, wider/larger branches may have to be trimmed so that the limb will fit into the chipper chute. These chippings can then be used for decorative mulch or placed onto a compost pile.

Product Features

  • Electric key start
  • Fast tow
  • 5” diameter capacity
  • Chips and shreds

Additional information

Weight 29.5 kg


  •  Weight; 386kg
  • Length; 2440mm
  • Width; 1350mm
  • Chute height; 1830mm
  • Engine; Kohler
  • Fuel; Petrol

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