3 Piece SDS Max Chisel Set (Large)

Product SKU: HIREHT213

From: £10.00

SDS plus Shank Chisels for chipping and chiselling


These Chisels are suitable for use with SDS Plus Hammer Drills with roto stop. Produced from high grade alloy steel. For light duty breaking, chiselling and render removal. Ideal for all chasing and demolition work in mortar, brick and concrete.

Product Features

  • High Grade Alloy Steel
  • SDS Plus Shank Chisels for Chipping & Chiselling


  • Height: 2130mm
  • Length: 1750mm
  • Width: 760mm
  • Weight: 1460kg
  • Max working height: 7800mm
  • Max platform height: 5800mm
  • Max drive height: 5800mm
  • Platform capacity: 227kg
  • Platform width: 720mm
  • Platform length: 2540mm
  • Max drive speed: 3.7km/h


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