Large Mixing Bucket (Compatible with Case 40XT only)

Product SKU: HIRESA210

From: £35.71

The Large Mixing Bucket is a perfect attachment to be used when concreting a tight or small area, with its ability to mix 0.5 cubic metres in 1 mix


Our Large Mixing Bucket is only available to hire with the case 40xt skidsteer unless you have a similar size skidsteer due to the weight of it when full.

With the bucket being able to be driven into a heap of ballast, the mesh top having a blade on top to rip open bags of cement with ease to just tip in.

Ideal for tight spaces or where ordering a wagon load of concrete just isn’t cost effective.

Product Features

  • Cutting blade on the mesh top
  • High powered mixing paddle
  • Easy tip out when mixed

Additional information

Dimensions 711 × 1422 × 990 mm


  • Height; 990mm
  • Length; 711mm
  • Width; 1422mm


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