Skidsteer Auger attachment

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Auger Attachment with the universal skidsteer quick hitch, making boring holes as easy and efficient as you can get


The Auger for the skidsteer is a simple piece of equipment that makes boring/drilling holes an effortless task. With the corkscrew having a 10 inch diameter and being 4ft in depth it can easily be used for a variety of things, ranging from the simplest of tasks such as planting trees or sinking in fence posts to the bigger job of putting in telegraph posts.

Product Features

  • Dual action screw, clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Large 10 inch corkscrew

Additional information

Dimensions 610 × 254 × 1219 mm


  • Height; 1219mm
  • Length; 610mm
  • Width of borer; 254mm

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  1. Chris Manning

    We used CorDEX for the first time this season for our mobile bar. The service was spot on. Quick delivery and a great price. The whole process was catered to our requirements. Have booked more dates already with CorDEX.

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