RD2000 SuperCAT+ Cable and Pipe Locater

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RD2000 SuperCAT + has an exceptionally fast sound and meter response


The SuperCAT+ has Improved locate quality – Improved precision pinpointing of buried services and exceptionally fast sound and meter response.

Increased usability in electrically noisy environments.

Multiple active frequencies – The ability to locate the widest of cables and pipes with the addition of higher frequencies of 65kHz and 131kHz.StrikeAlert™ Alerts the user to shallow power cables by flashing an alert icon and making a distinctive sound. We have made it switchable in accordance to customer wishes.

User backup – User settings are stored each time the unit is switched off whether deliberately or occidentally.

Calibration date ID – To allow the user to know when the SuperC.A.T should be serviced, the last calibration date can be displayed.

Passive location – Provides a sweep for buried cables and pipes, detecting Radio and Power frequencies.

Product Features

  • ±10% of Depth Locate Accuracy
  • StrikeAlert
  • 2 x D Type Alkaline Batteries
  • 40 Hours Alkaline Battery Life
  • Automatic Power Off Trigger Switch
  • Auto Backlit LCD Display
  • Detachable Loudspeaker


  • Weight; 3kg
  • Height; 720mm
  • Width; 280mm
  • Depth; 70mm

1 review for RD2000 SuperCAT+ Cable and Pipe Locater

  1. Mr Smith

    Excellent service with quality equipment at a good price!

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