Rexel Shredder RDX1850

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The RDX1850 is a heavy duty cross cut shredding machine designed for the larger offices where it can substantiate approx 20 users


The RDX1850 has the ability to shred 18 pages of A4 in 1 go into 200 pieces per sheet. It is capable of shredding cd’s, credit cards, staples and paper clips and with its jam sensing technology showing you a red light if it is in danger of jamming and going green when the shredder is clear to keep feeding it. Fitting 450 sheets in to recycling bags within the enclosed removable frame. It has a continuous runtime of 1 hour with a quiet running noise level of 60 Dba.

Product Features

  • 18 sheets at a time capacity
  • 50 litre removable frame
  • 1 hour continuous run time
  • Jam sensing technology

Additional information

Weight 28.5 kg
Dimensions 480 × 634 mm


  • Weight; 28.5kg
  • Height; 634mm
  • Width; 480mm
  • Depth; 367mm
  • Voltage 230-250
  • Colour; Black
  • Unladen weight; 555kg
  • Gross weight; 2000kg


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